Some People Really Don’t Like Factual Statements About Michael Vick On Twitter

(Photo by Joe Murphy/NFLPhotoLibrary)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Twitter has been erupting the past 48 hours over an entirely factually statement I made about former NFL quarterback Michael Vick.

A few days ago I tweeted, “Michael Vick murdered dogs, and instead of serving life in prison, he’ll be inducted into the VA Tech Hall of Fame.”

Every word in that sentence is completely true. Vick murdered dogs, he wasn’t sentenced to life in prison and now he’ll be inducted into the Virginia Tech Hall of Fame. There is absolutely no gray area in that tweet.

It would be the exact same as if I had tweeted, “Michael Vick murdered dogs, and instead of walking on the moon, he’ll be inducted into the VA Tech Hall of Fame,” or, “Michael Vick murdered dogs, and instead of joining the Air Force, he’ll be inducted into the VA Tech Hall of Fame.”

They’re factual statements. I didn’t advocate for Vick to be placed behind bars for the rest of his life. I simply pointed out that he isn’t serving a life sentence for killing dogs. Fact check: one hundred percent true.

However, many people on Twitter lost their minds.

So a couple quick things to consider here. First, yes I eat meat and I hunt. You have to be pretty stupid to compare killing an animal to eat it to murdering helpless dogs, or was Vick killing these dogs so he could eat them? I must have missed those news reports.

Secondly, I’m not sure why everybody on Vick’s side seems to think there’s absolutely no problem with murdering dogs. Dogs provide a legit role in society. They can provide security, they can hunt and they obviously provide companionship for a family.

I have had several dogs that check all three of those boxes. Anybody with half a brain can recognize that dogs are different from other animals. When is the last time somebody bought a guard deer to guard their property and home? If that has ever happened I’d love to see how it worked out.

There’s a reason the Navy SEALs travel with a dog and the police use them instead of any other animal.

I guess I learned a valuable lesson from all of this. It doesn’t matter whether you state a clearly factual statement or not. People will still find a reason to get angry. What a world we’re living in.

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