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Bath Time: Rep. Ted Lieu Hammers Trump; Murdoch’s Editorial Springs Twitter War

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Dem. congressman sinks to a new lowPresident Trump’s spot as the frontrunner for most impulsive tweeter may be slipping away to the likes of Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.).

The left-wing pol has been relentlessly trolling Trump on Twitter, firing nine ferocious tweets at the Trump administration in the last 24 hours. Among them, Lieu calls Trump “dumb as a rock,” and a “pathological liar.”

National Review poked fun at Lieu’s outrageous tweets, titling them “Lieu’s Law.” The law says “For every stupid thing said or done by someone on the right, an equal and opposite stupid thing is done by someone on the left.”

For a full run down of Lieu’s unraveling, read here.

The worst AMA of all time – CNN’s Chris Cillizza basically handed the world a loaded gun by hosting an AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit Tuesday. [CNN’s Chris Cillizza Did An AMA And It Went Hilariously, Tragically, Horribly Wrong]

The newbie at CNN got grilled by Reddit users who held back nothing in their hysterically aggressive comments. Here are a few of the most notable:

  1. “Why do you adopt such a shallow writing style that focuses on subjective emotional reactions towards important political events and not on any type of cognitive analysis that could provide further insight into current events?” – ScienceisMagic
  2. “Hi, I’m Libby Watson, I’m a staff writer at Fusion. Why do you think so many other journalists think you suck?” – libbycwatson
  3. “Hi Chris, it’s Ashley Feinberg. My question is how could you have possibly thought that this would be a good idea?” – ashfein112
  4. “Are you and Benny Johnson the same person in disguise or is it a sort of gremlins thing where someone poured water on one of you or fed you too late at night and now you both exist?” – npurcell8
  5. “Hi Chris, How were you able to trick CNN into giving you so much money even though you only understand politics at a 5th grade level?” – PoopNirvana

Check out the entire AMA here for a guaranteed laugh.

‘The least athletic president’ – Is Trump’s affection for golf carts and fast food impacting more than just his physical health? Politico Magazine investigates how the President’s eating and exercise habits may be hurting his ability to serve the country.

Haberman and Mandel butt headsThe New York Times correspondent Maggie Haberman was on the defense Tuesday after correcting CNN’s Brian Stelter article for saying that Rupert Murdoch’s Trump editorial was “criticizing” the President.

Haberman tweeted that Murdoch was not “criticizing” Trump, but actually “defending” Trump.

The CNN’s host was confused by Haberman’s logic.

NY Post’s Seth Mandel backed Stelter up, tweeting “Maggie you know I love you but your reading of the edit could not possibly be more wrong.”

In a series of tweets to follow, Haberman and Mandel took shots at eachother, firing passive-aggressive daggers at each other.

Read the full thread, here.