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Maxine Waters: ‘Trump Should Have Been Convicted Of A Crime’ Numerous Times

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As a blogger, federal law dictates that I must post something about Donald Trump at least once a day. Here it is.

David Rutz, Washington Free Beacon:

In an interview with New York Times Magazine writer Ana Marie Cox, [Maxine] Waters responded to a question about the House Ethics Committee’s investigation of her in 2012 for improperly intervening on behalf of a bank her husband had a financial stake in…

“I was completely exonerated,” Waters said. “There have been numerous times when Trump should have been convicted of a crime…”

In other words: “Hey, look over there!!

Waters didn’t specify which crimes Trump has committed, and Cox didn’t seem to think it was worthy of a follow-up question. She just took it as given, apparently. Or maybe she just didn’t want to embarrass a fellow Democrat.

But in the interest of historical accuracy, here’s a partial list of Donald Trump’s crimes in office so far:

  • Beating Hillary Clinton
  • Making Maxine Waters angry by beating Hillary Clinton

I think you’ll agree that the man is guilty of the highest treason.

It’s racist to point out how stupid and dishonest Maxine Waters is, so I’ll refrain.