Sanders: Trump ‘Wants Millions Of People To Suffer’ [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders continued to use charged rhetoric against his political opponents during a Tuesday night interview on MSNBC.

This time, he accused President Donald Trump of wanting “millions of people to suffer.”

“It is beyond comprehension–you know, we keep saying this about Donald Trump–but it is beyond comprehension that you have a president who basically wants millions of people to suffer so he thinks he can win some political points,” Sanders asserted.

Sanders then called on politicians to “improve” rather than “destroy” the Affordable Care Act and eventually move to a single-payer “Medicare-for-all” system.


In June, after a Sanders campaign volunteer shot up a GOP congressional baseball practice, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Sanders if he was afraid people could take his “revolutionary rhetoric” as a call to violence.

“There’s sometimes rhetoric on all sides that are not quite acceptable,” Sanders responded.

Just a week or so later, Sanders apocalyptically argued that “thousands will die” from the GOP health plan.

“Let us be clear, Andrea [Mitchell], and this is not trying to be overly dramatic,” he said. “Thousands of people will die.” (VIDEO: Sen. Sanders: ‘Thousands Of People Will Die’ From GOP Health Care Bill)


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