CNN Legal Analyst Finds A Way To Compare O.J. Simpson To John McCain [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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CNN legal analyst Areva Martin found a way on Thursday to compare O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing to the recent revelation that Arizona Sen. John McCain has brain cancer.

Martin drew attention to remarks that Arnelle Simpson made in defense of her father at a hearing before a Nevada parole board, which later agreed to release Simpson, who has served nearly nine years in a state prison for robbery.

“As his daughter, I can honestly say my dad recognizes that he took the wrong approach,” Arnelle Simpson told the parole board.

While the parole board was deciding Simpson’s fate, Martin provided analysis of the hearing on CNN.

Shockingly, the lawyer compared Arnelle Simpson’s defense of her father to what Meghan McCain said on Wednesday after it was revealed that the Republican lawmaker has brain cancer.

“They reminded me so much of what Senator McCain’s daughter has said about her dad, that he’s her rock, he’s her friend, he’s her confidant, so you heard this very compelling testimony from O.J. Simpson’s daughter,” Martin told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin.

After it was revealed on Wednesday that McCain was recently diagnosed with brain cancer, his daughter issued a heartfelt statement praising her dad.

Brooke Baldwin appeared perplexed by Martin’s comparison between the two statements.

“Except one of them has brain cancer and the other convicted of…,” Baldwin said, trailing off as Martin jumped in to further defend Simpson.


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