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Trophy Hunter Defeats Son Of Cecil The Lion

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Dr. Walter Palmer did absolutely wrong when he conquered Cecil the Lion, a dangerous animal that would’ve killed and eaten a human being without hesitation. And now Cecil’s son has met the same fate, which is fine too.

CBS News:

Cecil the Lion’s cub, Xanda, has been killed by a trophy hunter in Zimbabwe, Britain’s Telegraph newspaper reported Thursday. His death occurred near Hwange National Park, close to the site of his father’s 2015 killing.

Researchers had been monitoring Xanda, who was wearing an electronic collar at the time of his death. The collar was discovered by the professional hunter on the shoot, Richard Cooke of RC Safaris, who returned it to the scientists.

On behalf of gazelles everywhere: Thank you, Richard Cooke.

I’m okay with killing lions, because you know what? They’re lions. They aren’t cuddly stuffed toys or cartoon characters. They aren’t your friends. They look at you and all they see is food.

Why give lions names, anyway? It’s not like they’ll come when I call. And I wouldn’t want them to. Stay the hell away from me, you filthy beasts.