Trying To Hire Escorts Seems Like A Weak Reason To Get Rid Of A Football Coach

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Ole Miss football coach Hugh Freeze resigned Thursday night from his position shortly after it was revealed he had contacted an escort service.

News broke Thursday night that Freeze had contacted a Tampa Bay escort service on a school issue phone, and he was quickly removed from power, according to Brett McMurphy.

Freeze denied trying to hire an escort and referred to the phone call as a “misdial,” according to Yahoo Sports.

Of all the things for Ole Miss to get rid of their coach over contacting a escort service seems pretty minor. This is the exact same program that had a player openly admit to getting paid, another player with a gas mask bong, and currently faces a ton of sanctions from the NCAA. Yet, none of that was good enough of a reason to dump Freeze.

It’s curious that an alleged 60-second phone call to an escort, without any confirmation or proof Freeze ever paid for services or met up with the woman, is now the breaking point.

College football programs are the wild west when it comes to what athletes and coaches will do.

Oklahoma State famously was accused of using sex to lure recruits and just in general to keep players happy. I’m sure that’s the first time a college football program ever did that.

I personally have seen things go on in major college athletic programs that could make an ESPN mini-series and escorts doesn’t even crack the top-100, which makes this so much more fascinating.

Freeze’s memory will at least always be entertaining. He beat Alabama multiple times, and managed to tank an entire program in only a few years. Who knew it would be escorts that finally brought him down?

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