Forget ‘Post-Christian,’ America Has Become A Post-Childhood Society

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Mike Church Host, The Mike Church Show
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Rod Dreher, an author and blogger, has made quite a name for himself lamenting our “post-Christian” descent to perdition. Evidence that Dreher is on the right track is easy to come by. What began as “acceptance” of homosexuals has morphed into a loyalty oath to all things LGBTQ that must be recited publicly regardless of your religious preference. Satanists are now finding receptive ears and affirmative votes to the placing of diabolically inspired monuments on public property. And then the post-Christian, piece de resistance, the bad guys have come for the kids, and they’re playing for keeps. From drag-queen story time to training exercises in gender dysphoria, the forces of Ba’al have proudly emerged from their Elijah-imposed exile to the highest corridors of juvenile power. There is no more of an alarming display of this than on the pages of the latest issue of Teen Vogue Magazine wherein you will find evidence that we have reached beyond Dreher’s coinage and are now in post-childhood ‘Muricah.

I’m old enough to recall the scandal created by a barely clad (but still clad) Demi Moore on the pages of Vanity Fair back in 1991. Recall that Wal-Mart wouldn’t sell the magazine unless VF issued it in opaque shrink-wrap (they refused). The scandal then was over the part of Moore’s body left slightly exposed and the “indecency” of it all. “Why, I don’t want my daughters exposed to this filth” was the mantra then. Fast-forward to today and the only scandal that Moore’s pic might drum up is from the Celine Richards fan-club demanding to know what good might come of showing babies inside loving mothers-to-be? Note that little was said of Moore’s vulgar immodesty; vulgar used in its classic sense: pedestrian, common. This immodesty is now in full, rotting bloom on the pages of Teen Vogue, under the title of “Anal Sex: What You Need to Know — How to do it the RIGHT way.” Yes, Teen Vogue Magazine.

The perverted article begins, appropriately enough, with a ginormous anatomical cutaway illustrating the reproductive systems of boys and girls. This is interesting seeing as how the magazine goes to great lengths to point out that with anal sex there is no gender, there is only “prostate owner” and “non-prostrate owner.” Writer Gigi Engle then goes on to prep her teenybopper audience for what’s in store.

Without all the run-of-the-mill hoopla, here is the lowdown on everything you need to know about butt stuff, no matter who you are, whom you’re having sex with, or who you want to have sex with.

This is anal 101, for teens, beginners, and all inquisitive folk.

Got that? Anal 101 is just as apple pie ‘Murican and teenager as legging socks and Thursday night TV with the Keaton family. I won’t scandalize you with the remaining “how to” guide because if you’ve read this far there’s a good chance you’re curious about the “post-childhood” theme herein. That part is frighteningly simple. There are no children left in ‘Murican society. There are instead, younger consumers of all the perverted wares of the modern world, including illicit, mortally sinful sex. In 1991 ‘Muricah, Vanity Fair was pilloried for their failure to protect the tender eyes of children from vulgar displays of the naked, female form while today’s magazines are given a pass for promoting all the sinful, degrading and even dangerous things that can be done with and to the naked female form. And no, this observation isn’t limited to the staff of Teen Vogue (a Condé Nast publication).

In Manchester England an orthodox Muslim took the lives of 22 “babes” as the Daily Mail called them. Almost unknown though is what pop harlot Ariana was singing to the 8-year-old girls at the concert and in their “mums” mini-vans on the way to the show. Grande’s opus is a hit titled “Side to Side” which is more affectionately known by it’s twice-pornographic chorus. “Wrist icicle, ride dick bicycle.” You can even see 8-year-old girls like victim Saffie Rose Roussos, in the crowd of the post-massacre “benefit concert,” smiling ear to ear while Grande serenades the tike with the pornographic line in question. What kind of civilization happily exposes their children to what amounts to an audio version of hardcore pornography? Simple, a society that no longer has the capacity to protect children from what used to be illegal for consenting adults.

Are we a post-Christian society? That ship sailed long ago. Are we now also proud parents of a post-childhood society. Film, music, print and online media confirm this. The last rampart being defended is in the remnant of some ‘Murican homes where bicycles pop wheelies and icicles hang from telephone cables.

Mike Church is the founder and a radio-talk-show host on the Veritas Talk Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel. You can listen to Mike weekday mornings at http://crusadechannel.com.