Road Rage Ends With Driver Pounding Cyclist With A Club [VIDEO]

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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A local business captured a road rage fight between a pickup truck driver and a bicyclist on video Tuesday morning in the southern Ontario city of Peterborough.

Global News reports that, according to local police, the 74-year-old bike rider became embroiled in an increasingly loud argument with the vehicle driver that ultimately led to blows.

Both men were trying to navigate a left-hand turn when the altercation began.

The bicyclist received the worst of it as the video depicts, briefly and at a distance, his opponent using a small club to pummel the victim’s head.

As one witness told Global News, “He was coming at him, and coming at him hard. As soon as I saw him with that raised bat in his hand, I was like, oh my God, oh my God,” said a woman who requested anonymity.

On-scene witnesses had to break up the one-sided fight and the driver fled the scene. Observers said the cyclist suffered head injuries with substantial bleeding while the driver also seems to have suffered some violence to his head.

Paramedics administered first aid to cyclist before moving the injured man into an ambulance and transferring  him to the hospital. The exact nature of his injuries were not disclosed.

Police later arrested Peterborough resident David Fox, 65, and charged him with aggravated assault with a weapon.

Police communications officer Lauren Chilchrist said “aggravated assault would apply when a person is either maimed, wounded, disfigured, or when the assault would involve endangering the life of that person.”

Gilchrist said the two men are not acquaintances.

The incident is the latest in a series of often bizarre eruptions of road rage in the Canadian province. Earlier this month in Kingston, a driver was accused of biting the nose of a pedestrian after arguing over who had the right of way. Last March, police arrested a man in Brampton for using a machete to go after another driver.

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