The Most Beautiful Royal Women Across The Globe [SLIDESHOW]


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Across the globe, royal leaders are doing their part to influence and better their countries. And they certainly look fantastic while doing so.

Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has a strong influence on Britain and America because of her fashion, poise and beauty. This influence she has over people and trends, such as coral-colored jeans, is known as the “Kate Middleton effect” and even has its own Wikipedia page.

Some princesses marry into their royal families, like Princess Tatiana of Greece and Denmark.

“I do not feel like a princess,” she told Vogue. “I do not feel that I married a prince, with a title. Well actually, yes, he is my prince, but nothing more.”

Whether or not she feels like a princess, she has taken on the responsibility of loving and supporting the people of Greece. Princess Tatiana is well acquainted with a local soup kitchen and commends their efforts to fight poverty.

Moving farther east, Queen Rania of Jordan still stuns at 46 years old, and has given back to her country by building a child abuse center and pursuing education reform.

Here are some photos of some of the prettiest royals from all across the globe.