Trump Is Right About Jeff Sessions

Lloyd Marcus Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee
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Everyone is having a cow over Trump criticizing AG Jeff Sessions for removing himself from the absurd FBI investigation that Trump stole the election by scheming with the Russians. Clearly, Sessions was clueless as to what the Trump Administration continues to deal with. Out of their minds with rage over Trump defeating Hillary and dismantling Obama’s tyrannical legacy, Leftists have launched civil war on Trump and his voters. No tactic is too low, dishonest or too evil.

Sessions stepping down from the FBI Trump/Russian FBI investigation was the equivalent of bringing an olive branch to a gunfight. Sessions did not win any goodwill from Leftists for his unnecessary and unwise decision to step aside. Quite the opposite. Leftists saw Sessions recusing himself as a sign of weakness, blood it the water.

Trump had every right to be annoyed, as was I. It is extremely crucial that Trump surround himself with warriors who understand what he and We the People are up against.

Don’t get me wrong. I like and respect Sessions. He is a good man. However, by stepping aside from the FBI investigation Sessions behaved like a typical Republican, trying to show Leftists who want him politically dead that he is an honorable Republican. Meanwhile, Democrats and fake news media are plotting 24/7 and pulling every dirty gutter trick in the book to remove our president.

Fake news media tried to pressure Sessions into resigning, claiming it is impossible for Sessions to continue after the president has expressed a lack of confidence in him. Fake news media are enemies of We the People and the Trump Administration. Therefore, their call for Sessions to quit is yet another dirty trick; an opportunity to further their ongoing narrative that the Trump Administration is a mess. Remember, Leftists’ goal is to flood the airways with negatives about Trump 24/7.

Thank God, Sessions did not fall for it. Sessions says he has no intention of resigning. I pray this is a sign that Sessions finally gets it, realizing the deceitful anti-Trump scoundrels we must defeat.

The Special Council investigating Trump has gotten out of hand. Robert Mueller has a small army of Obama and Clinton supportive anti-Trump lawyers wearing latex gloves. They are giving Trump’s business dealings with Russia a deep anal exam going back ten years. Are we expected to believe the absurd allegation that Trump began colluding with Russia ten years ago to steal the election? Mueller’s anti-Trump lawyers will thrust their investigative arms deep into the caverns of Trump’s business for however long it takes to find something to remove him from the Oval Office.

Considering that no human being is perfect, it is likely Mueller’s hit squad will find a nugget of something to blow up as an excuse to impeach Trump.

Why aren’t Republicans standing up for our president, righteously raising heck over this never ending unprecedented intrusion into his business affairs. Meanwhile, these same Leftist lawyers who are performing a deep probe into Trump’s business practices supported Obama keeping his college transcripts a secret. Why isn’t Trump’s DOJ shutting this overreaching nonsense down; saying enough is enough; stop this insanity?

I suspect many in the GOP are still never-Trump or still don’t get it. Remarkably, some Republicans still naively believe they will not be trashed by fake news media if they can prove they are fair-minded good guys who seek to work with the democrats. Meanwhile, democrats and fake news media interpret Republicans extending olive branches as weakness to be exploited; an opportunity to plunge a dagger into Trump and Republicans’ political hearts.

Far too many people supposedly on our side do not appear to realize that we are in a battle for the heart and soul of America; patriots vs Leftists. Thank God, Trump understands this reality and is willing to fight pedal to the metal. This is why he was annoyed by Sessions stepping down, surrendering ground to our enemies. His cabinet needs to stop playing footsie with our enemies and get with the program. You give Leftists an inch and they will take a mile.

We the People elected Trump to do battle with anti-American Leftists. Despite fake news polls, we remain firmly in Trump’s corner, ready for battle. We are prayed up. We trust God and have kept our powder dry. Let’s roll Mr President.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American, is author of: “Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has shattered the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black America.”