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Trump Tells Reporter To Be Quiet

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

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I don’t particularly like President Trump, to say the least, but I also don’t think that every single thing he does is a sign of the End of the Republic. It’s funny to watch reporters nip at his heels like angry puppies, after they just spent 2009-2016 padding after the President of the United States with love in their eyes.

Here’s one of today’s scheduled outrages. (I’d say “daily,” but there’s likely to be more than one today.) Becca Stanek, The Week:

President Trump on Monday ordered Associated Press reporter Catherine Lucey to “be quiet” after she asked him a question about health care. Lucey was shouting out questions to Trump as he posed for a photo with White House interns.

Here’s the shocking video:

Well, it’s a reporter’s job to ask questions. I don’t blame her for asking. But so what if he was rude to her? It’s also a reporter’s job to put up with rudeness. He’s a jerk. We know this. Whether you care or not, it isn’t news.

But now it’s time to play victim:

So now it’s time for another round of #NeverthelessShePersisted. And the press wonders why nobody likes them.

Trump ran against the media and won. There’s no downside to treating them like this. It makes his base happy, and it angers the people who will be angry no matter what he does. Why would he stop? What’s in it for him?

Trump is a big baby. The press are even bigger babies. The rest of us are just watching the two of them fuss and squall at each other. Eventually they’ll tire each other out and go nite-nite.