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Recap Of ABC’s ‘The Bachelorette’: 3 Men Meet Her Family


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It’s down to the final three on ABC’s “The Bachelorette” and it’s not just The Mirror judging the men this week , but Rachel Lindsay‘s family, too.

Rachel’s Family Visits

Peter was the first to meet her family in her hometown of Dallas. Before heading over to Rachel’s house, the two went shopping for her infant nephew. Rachel lets Peter pick out a few shirts just to turn them all down, clearly horrified in his choice of baby clothes.

Before Peter meets her family, he redeems himself for not telling Rachel how he felt at hometowns by finally admitting he’s falling in love. Practically reciting a monologue about his feelings, Peter was pretty suave during the date. Everyone was blown away, especially Rachel’s mom who was impressed when Peter told her he was not ready to ask for her blessing to propose.

Next up was Eric. For someone who’s usually so easygoing and natural, Eric could not have been more freaked out. He must have brought up how nervous he was at least 15 times. This is apparently his first time meeting a woman’s family.

Eric basically dropped a bomb when he told Rachel’s family that his longest relationship lasted eight months. Everyone was suspect of his readiness, but Eric’s honesty and charm proved triumphant, earning him the blessing to propose.

Last and definitely least, was Bryan. The frontrunner has been one of the most confident men this season, but sometimes his confidence translates to cockiness. Even Rachel admitted she thought he was a “douchebag,” confirming all suspicions that Rachel kept Bryan on the show solely because she liked kissing him.

Rachel’s family drilled Bryan with questions, who felt so awkward that he left the table. Rachel’s “low-key” annoyance was not so low key, as she warned her mom and brother-in-law to back off. Ironically, they were just getting the same initial “douchebag” vibe Rachel got too. However, Bryan does need to learn to shut his mouth. One hour into the date and he was telling Rachel’s family he loved them. Please calm down.

Rachel’s mom told Bryan she was uncomfortable with the word “love” at this point and reluctantly gave her blessing to propose, but not without clarifying that it’s because she trusts Rachel, not Bryan. It was all pretty bad.

Final Destination: Spain

For the final leg of the journey, Rachel takes the men to Spain. Turns out Rachel’s backyard was the most tropical destination of the show.

I have to admit I did look up flights to La Rioja after the shots of Eric and Rachel’s helicopter ride. Eric put it all on the line during their date, ultimately telling Rachel he loved her. The two seemed a bit off sync though. Eric could not stop smiling and gushing over Rachel, who kinda looked apathetic. Nevertheless, Rachel offered Eric a key to the notorious fantasy sweet.

On Peter’s date, Rachel took him to a beautiful vineyard. Rachel and Peter stared at a poor old Spanish man who told them his whole love story. The man undoubtably stole the show with his Spanish opera. Despite understanding about three words he said, Rachel and Peter acted like it was the most romantic story they’d ever heard.

Later, Peter and Rachel were about to start a serious convo about how he didn’t ask for her mom’s blessing when they were interrupted by a cute toddler. Obviously jumping in grapes with a little girl takes priority over talking about marriage so Rachel pretends like the news didn’t just ruin her day. As they’re jumping in a barrel, Rachel tells Peter to “besame” [KISS ME] to which he replies, “Does that mean faster?” Talk about romantic.

The high of their date comes crashing down later that night when the two discuss what engagement means to them. The episode ends with a major cliffhanger of Rachel questioning whether their different beliefs will ultimately defeat their relationship.

In two weeks we’ll find out the answer to this question in what’s sure to be an epic season finale.