ESPN Is Really Confused Why Colin Kaepernick Is Unemployed

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The sun came up this morning, and as usual ESPN pundits still don’t seem to understand why Colin Kaepernick is not wanted by NFL teams.

I thought ESPN’s garbage and social justice narrative with Colin Kaepernick would eventually end, but I was wrong. Recently ESPN pundit Josina Anderson lamented the fact that the New York Giants wouldn’t sign the infamous quarterback, who can’t seem find the time to stand for the national anthem, because the state of New York has “voted blue for the last 20 years.”


Josina has a genius point. Owners and general managers should absolutely make roster decisions based on the voting pattern of the home state of the team. Do you own a bunch of guns, hate state income-tax and love trucks? Congratulations you’re now the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

Do you love socialism and mishandling finances? Outstanding, because the Los Angeles Rams have an open running back roster slot with your name on it. Should Johnny Manziel get an automatic roster spot on the Miami Dolphins because he loved to party in his earlier days?

Has everybody in the whole world of sports lost their damn minds? Am I the last person on this planet that can see this clearly? Kaepernick isn’t on a roster because he disrespected America, Manziel isn’t on a roster because he has yet to prove he has buried his baggage and RGIII isn’t on a roster because he can’t walk without hurting himself.

Not every situation involves a conspiracy or racism. If Kaepernick hadn’t kneeled then he’d still be in the NFL. Same could be said about Manziel if he had laid off the booze and partying. It’s really that simple.

However, ESPN doesn’t care about that. They’ve sold out and are chasing ratings, which are tanking. For some reason I will never understand, they think the best strategy to get better ratings is to talk about the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback nonstop. It’s pitiful.

Hey ESPN, save your breath because you’re just embarrassing yourself at this point.

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