ESPN Politicizes Colin Kaepernick’s Unemployment Woes

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ESPN’s Tuesday program “SportsCenter” quickly became political when a panel began to discuss for the umpteenth time why former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is currently unemployed.

Naturally, ESPN has concluded that Kaepernick, despite going 1-10 last season with abysmal numbers, has been discriminated against by NFL ownership due to his outspoken political views.

As Will Cain said on ESPN’s “First Take” last week, “Colin Kaepernick disrespected the flag and anthem, wore socks depicting cops as pigs, and praised Fidel Castro. Let’s not act like he’s this virtuous guy.”

Nevertheless, Kaepernick’s job status has been a perennial talking point on ESPN programs this offseason. Josina Anderson said NFL commissioner Roger Goddell must make himself “accessible” to answer questions about Kaepernick.

Anderson took her argument a step further, saying that the onus is on NFL owners to contact Kaepernick about hiring him as a potential second or third string backup quarterback.

Anderson stated, “Ownership needs to step up a little bit more in terms of providing him an opportunity … [Kaepernick] is a proud individual, and doesn’t feel that he needs to put himself out there to beg for a job. His production stands for itself, even if it has decreased.”

Retired Steelers cornerback Ryan Clark pointed out that New York Giants management publicly stated that teams are hesitant to hire a backup quarterback that may anger ticket buyers. Many fans, regardless of political affiliation, do not want to attend a game where a member of their team kneels during the national anthem.

Anderson fired back, immediately assuming that since New York is a liberal state, the team’s supporters should want Kaepernick on their team.

She interrupted, “In a state that voted blue for the past 20 years or more!”

Anderson immediately modified her statement after admitting the political undertones of her objection. “I’m just talking about the diversity in New York and New Jersey.”

One thing is for certain, ESPN has classified Colin Kaepernick’s free agency as a partisan issue, and the network has taken a side.

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