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Curtis Sliwa: I Applaud The Guy Who Dumped Water On Kat Timpf

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Remember Curtis Sliwa? The old publicity whore and admitted fraud who used to hang around subways pretending to fight crime or something? It turns out that not only is he still alive, but somehow he’s gainfully employed. And apparently, he really hates Kat Timpf.

Here’s Sliwa earlier this week on the WABC radio show he co-hosts with Eboni Williams. Eboni works with Kat on Fox News, and she didn’t like that recent water-dumping incident one bit. Sliwa, on the other hand, is a huge jackass.

I always thought Sliwa’s schtick was “protecting” people by posing for pictures on the subway with his arms folded like a tough guy. Now he’s openly celebrating attacks on women? That’s sort of off-brand, isn’t it?

I know, I know, it’s just talk radio. Outrage sells ads. It feels like he’s putting on a persona there, like a wrestling heel. I sure hope so, because otherwise he’s just a prick.

Well, you got your wish, Sliwa. You got your name in print. I’ll let you get back to being a corny old has-been in a beret. Stay dry out there!

(Hat tip: Pablo Manriquez)