Everybody Needs To Stop The ‘Plus-Sized Models Are Awesome’ Garbage

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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There is a national tragedy sweeping across America, and it promptly needs to come to an end.

For some inexplicable reason, American entertainment outlets think male consumers are entertained by “plus-sized” models. They’re not. Trust me when I say that there’s a reason men read the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine, and it has nothing to do with the seemingly unending supply of bigger models.

Naturally, I’m not suggesting that obese women are bad people. Obviously that’s not the case, and it’d be a lazy critique of my argument to even attempt to boil it down to that.

My point is very simple. Men love football, alcohol and the women in bikinis that they don’t see walking around the town. If I can look out the windows of my office building and see six people similar to a woman featured in Sports Illustrated, then put simply, that woman has no business being in Sports Illustrated.

SI’s Instagram account recently featured Tabria Majors, who is a “plus-sized” model.

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Call me an idiot or a pig, but I don’t think celebrating obesity is a wise idea. I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty confident being Majors’ size is not a sign of a healthy lifestyle.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not in perfect shape. I rarely workout. I don’t eat the greatest, and I drink too much Mountain Dew and Miller Lite. The only thing that has allowed me to not balloon is the fact I was blessed with great genetics. Without that, I’d probably be 400 pounds. However, if I started gaining weight rapidly I wouldn’t expect to be celebrated.

That’s exactly what Sports Illustrated is doing when they feature women like Ashley Graham and Major.

For example, should I be put into an NFL game so that the NFL can celebrate all different kinds of body sizes? Of course not. So why is Sports Illustrated putting these women in their magazines? I promise you men aren’t buying the publication for them. They want women that look like these following women.

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Men want to look at those women because, generally speaking, we don’t see them walking around the streets. That’s why they’re supermodels. It’s because women like them rarely exist. I see women like Majors on my walk to lunch.

I understand that this garbage is done to push a social narrative and nobody has the balls to criticize out of fear of being called a bigot or much worse. If I’m the only one willing to carry this banner and fight the good fight then so be it.

I can no longer allow this to happen, and nobody in America should tolerate it either. Stop celebrating obesity and go back to giving me hot women in tiny bikinis. Is that too much to ask?

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