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Greta Van Susteren’s Immediate Future Has Arrived

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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At least for now, it’s settled.

Since MSNBC canned Greta Van Susteren, she has been getting all chatty on Twitter contemplating her next move.

Which thankfully has arrived. USC’s Annenberg Center is bringing her aboard, where she’ll “work with students, appear on USC panels and produce books, journalism and academic projects,” the center announced Thursday.

In late June, MSNBC fired Van Susteren less than six months after she began hosting a 6p.m. show there. They replaced her slot with a new show by Ari Member.

Before that, Van Susteren worked at Fox News for 14 years as host of “On the Record.” She resigned in the fall of 2016, saying she hadn’t felt at home at the network for a few years.

But maybe this new fellowship isn’t the end all for Van Susteren.

On Thursday, when a follower suggested he’d buy Fox News and let her run it, she replied, “I would love to run a news organization…having been labor for 25yrs,I have some ideas about how management can improve news orgs.”

Another fan called her a “breath of honesty” and said she’d be missed on cable news.

GVS left the door open more than crack, saying, “I may be back…if the right opportunity comes along..if not, there are many exciting things to do in the world.”

See the full announcement here.