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British Girl Gets Raped By ‘Asian Man,’ Runs For Help, Gets Raped Again By ‘Asian’ Rescuer

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As you read the following, keep in mind that in Britain, “Asian” means “from South Asia.” Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. In other words: Muslim.

Ceren Senkul, Sky News:

A 15-year-old girl who flagged down a car for help after she was raped in Birmingham was raped again by the driver who pulled over.

A double manhunt is now under way to find the attackers, both described as Asian men in their early 20s…

The first attacker is described as having light skin, brown eyes, a skinny build and is about 6ft tall.

He was wearing a tracksuit and black trainers.

The second attacker is described as being around 5ft 7in, of large build with a close-cropped beard, wearing a blue jumper and black jeans.

Well, that should narrow it down. How many guys fit that description in Birmingham, England?

Remember, all cultures are equal. Ours is no better than theirs. Don’t be a bigot:

Also, white male Christians want to bring about The Handmaid’s Tale in real life. That’s the real rape culture.

As always, my condolences to the Muslim community. I’m sorry for any harsh looks or rude comments you get in the wake of this unfortunate-but-isolated incident. You’re the real victims here.

(Hat tip: @NinjaEconomics)