MSNBC Misidentifies Rep. Mike Johnson During Interview [VIDEO]


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC misidentified Rep. Mike Johnson at least three times during an interview with the Louisiana congressman, continuously referring to him as Rep. Mike Kelly.

The segment didn’t get off to a great start, as host Stephanie Ruhle said excitedly, “Republican congressman Mike Kelly of Pennsylvania is live on Capitol Hill.”


Of course, Ruhle and her cohost Ali Velshi were actually interviewing Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana. Johnson either didn’t notice the mistake or didn’t feel the need to correct MSNBC, and the interview spiraled as the chyron misidentified Johnson throughout the entire interview.

The chyron referred to Johnson as “Rep. Mike Kelly (R) Pennsylvania, Ways and Means Committee” two more times, totaling three for the entire interview.



Velshi and Ruhle had to issue a correction a short time later, but they fudged that too.

“I just want to issue a quick correction here, we misidentified Representative Mike Johnson of Louisiana a few minutes ago when we had a very spirited and great conversation with him,” Velshi said.

“Republican congressman from the state of Illiana,” Ruhle stuttered with a laugh. “Long night.”


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