White House Warns Republicans After Health Care Failure: We’ll Work With Democrats


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Special assistant to the president Kelly Sadler warned House Republicans on Thursday that President Trump is willing to work with Democrats in Congress if Republicans continue their legislative failures, a source in the room told The Daily Caller.

Sadler also warned that Republicans in Congress need to get on board with Trump’s agenda and work harder in supporting it or else they would be reminded why Trump won in November, the source said, describing the White House aide as “very angry and offensive and accusatory” throughout the meeting. 

The White House declined to comment.

Sadler’s comments came at a Friday morning meeting at the Capitol, which was also attended by leaders of several conservative organizations, according to the source. The meeting focused on Senate Republicans’ failed “skinny repeal” of Obamacare and on moving forward onto the subject of tax reform.

Sadler reportedly conceded that Trump had not been as supportive of Republicans’ health care effort as he could have been, but said that the White House would be more involved with tax reform efforts.