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#NotAllMuslims Plot To Blow Up Australian Airliner

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What did you do this weekend? If you answered anything other than “tried to blow up an airplane,” you may be an Islamophobe.

Jacob Bojesson reports:

Australian authorities foiled an “Islamic-inspired” plot to bomb an airplane, the country’s federal police said Sunday.

Security at airports around the country has been ramped up since Thursday and several raids were carried out across Sydney Sunday morning. Four people have been detained but no one has been charged…

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the operation was launched to stop a terrorist plan to “bring down an airplane.”

Weird. But… why? “Islamic-inspired” could mean pretty much anything. We shouldn’t jump to any conclusions about the motive, at least until this story safely falls out of the headlines.

What does this mean for air travelers Down Under? Clarissa Bye, Daily Telegraph (AU):

The Australian Federal Police boss says travellers should be “very confident” in the security at Australian airports…

Earlier today huge queues stretched out of Sydney Airport’s T2 domestic terminal today as security was drastically stepped up in the wake of an alleged terror plot to blow up a plane.

Passengers faced delays across the country as more police patrols and security checks are rushed into place due to the nation’s first known suspected aircraft terror plot since the September 2001 attacks on New York.

You know what this means, don’t you? This means it’s time to start worrying about the anti-Muslim backlash that’s always predicted, yet never happens.

On behalf of non-Muslims everywhere: Sorry for oppressing you, guys! We just get a little touchy when people try to kill us in the name of Allah. No wonder this keeps happening, right? We’ve probably got it coming.

(Hat tip: Tim Blair)