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Recap Of ABC’s ‘The Bachelorette’: The Men Tell All


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What do you get when you gather 30 egotistical ex-boyfriends in one room to air out their differences? ABC’s ‘The Bachelorette’ Men Tell All.

Host Chris Harrison opens by clarifying that Rachel Lindsay’s season is the most dramatic, eventful season of all time. Even more dramatic and eventful than the last 12 dramatic and eventful seasons.

Starting out slow, Harrison brings up the tiff between Lucas and Blake. First of all, who are Lucas and Blake? Second of all, are Lucas’s intentions even a real question? Clearly Lucas was not there to find a wife. He spent 99 percent of his airtime yelling “WABOOM.”

Better yet, let’s talk about DeMario and his “side chick.” DeMario was quick on the defensive, which was enough to tell me and anyone else with half a brain that yes, DeMario you are a cheater. Lucas swoops in to tell DeMario that he’s got his back. Phew, the man who yells “WABOOM” has his back. Talk about a credible source.

I think Iggy chimed in at some point during this whole conversation, but I was having trouble taking him seriously in his atrocious suit.  I was also busy trying to remember who he was to pay attention to what he said. His apparel kind of looked like something better suited for a priest — it was navy blue and black and he wore a long necklace. Cue men yelling here and there and welcome to what is already the most chaotic Men Tell All of ABC history.

The dumbest question of the night comes from Harrison when he asked Kenny what it was about Lee that bothered him. Seriously, Chris? If you don’t know why Kenny hated Lee then I’m gravely concerned for you.

As the conversation opened up, all the men ganged up on Lee, agreeing that Kenny was the “most liked guy in the house.” To sum it up. Lee is basically the WOAT and singlehandedly ruined the experience for every guy on the show. Ironically, DeMario defended Lee, who he thought was a genuine, caring guy. While this was all going down, Lee pretty much just sat there letting the insults seep into his soul.

Both Kenny and Lee had a chance to talk one-on-one with Chris and say their piece.

Kenny is a conflicting character, crying one minute, losing his temper the next. It’s actually pretty sad because Kenny had potential to do well on the show, but his fixation on Lee ultimately caused his relationship with Rachel to implode. Lee apologized to Kenny for lying about Kenny’s aggression, but Kenny just could not let it go.”Bullshit” was Kenny’s response.

In a weird twist, Harrison brought Kenny’s daughter, Mackenzie, on the show. As expected, Kenny cried. Chris even gifted Kenny and his daughter with a trip to Disneyland. I’m confused. This isn’t the Ellen Degeneres show is it?

Next in the hot seat was Lee. “How you doing today?” Harrison asked. Well I just got shit on by every single guy in this room, but I’m great Chris, thanks!

Lee was pretty apologetic about his performance, but no one was buying it, especially not when Chris broadcasted Lee’s sexist, racist tweets for everyone to see.

One tweet read, “What’s the difference between the NAACP and the KKK? Wait for it…One has the sense of shame to cover their racist ass faces.”

Josiah got on stage to call Lee’s racist ass out. Lee looked like an idiot, claiming he doesn’t like racism and regrets those tweets. To say Lee is the most hated man in America may be an understatement.

Chris pretty much let everyone rip into Lee and then told him how much he appreciates him sitting on stage. I don’t think Harrison’s appreciation means much to Lee right now. Anthony put Lee in his place, telling him that his racism is imbedded in his personality. Despite probably not knowing the meaning of half the complex words Anthony used, all the men stood up and clapped.

To be fair, this whole thing is getting a little ridiculous. It’s like ABC wants Lee to admit he’s racist. Lee apologized 15 times and no one would accept it until he finally admitted his tweet was racist. In the end, Kenny and Lee hugged it out. I hope I never hear the names Kenny and Lee ever again.

On a lighter note, there’s Dean. The charming fan favorite was heartbroken when Rachel told him she was falling in love with him and then dumped him after a disastrous hometown visit. Dean is clearly not over the breakup, and as much as it pains me to see him sad, I couldn’t be happier he’s on ABC’s spinoff ‘Bachelor In Paradise.’

Toward the end of the episode, Rachel comes on screen to face her 30 ex-boyfriends and finally sit down with Dean to talk about their breakup. Dean didn’t get the answer he hoped for. If anything, she just confused him more, reaffirming that she was, in fact, falling in love with him.

Rachel was pretty straight up with, dare I say their names one more time, Kenny and Lee. She denounced Kenny for mishandling the Lee situation and Lee for ruining his opportunity to immerse himself in different cultures.

The episode ended on a high note, running through some of the seasons most hilarious bloopers and previewing next weeks finale where Rachel will hopefully end her journey for love with a gigantic sparkling ring on her finger.