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Scaramucci Insiders: Papa Mooch Deserves Our Sympathy


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The Mooch is sacrificing his family life to save America and serve at the pleasure of President Trump.

Or so people closest to him will tell you.

In a case of horrifically unfortunate timing, Anthony Scaramucci, the new White House Communications Director, began his job on the very week his son was born two weeks prematurely. The infant remains in a NICU. People close to Scaramucci are incensed that the New York Post reported the name of the hospital. According to sources, the little bambino named James weighs 5 pounds and 7 ounces and will likely remain at the hospital for another month.

“Would he rather be with his baby? Of course,” a spy tells The Mirror. “But he’s sacrificing his willingness to see his baby and we’re trashing him for it. We should be sympathizing. We should thank him. This is a really wealthy man who is earning pennies to serve.”

Life is comprised of highs and lows. Three weeks ago, Mooch’s estranged wife Deidre Ball filed for divorce on July 6, as reported by New York Post‘s Page Six. She was nine months preggers. Apart from the infant, they have another child together. Their 3-year-old Nicholas was born in 2014, some 6 months before he and Ball wed.


Those closest to the new top comms aide say he’s being stretched beyond belief.

In addition to a new baby, Papa Mooch has a new 22-hour a day job at the White House. He’s also searching for a place to live in Washington and is staying at an undisclosed hotel.

So what’s a new pop to do?

“Everyone who works in the White House is sacrificing,” says a source familiar with the inner workings of Scaramucci’s mind.

A big reason why Scaramucci wasn’t present at the time of his son’s birth is because of the alleged verbal abuse he receives from his wife. She reportedly “mocks” him for being beholden to Trump. Suffice it to say relations between these two are like icicles in Siberia.

“They’re not getting along well,” a source explained.

People around him try to avoid the hot topics of the baby and the future ex-wife.

“He is just under siege everyday,” the observer said. “I want to talk about things that don’t make him go crazy. I don’t want him in panic mode.”

This means “good news” and “solutions to problems.”

Those around the Mooch are trying to boost him up, not bring him down.

“The first week in the White House is a rough week,” the spy said. “I want to help him, not bring up unsupportive things.”

On July 28, Scaramucci sent out a plea for sympathy for his family.

Scaramucci has three children from a previous relationship.

If he and Deidre are seriously splitsville, this will be his second divorce.