Do People Make Their Own Ice Cream? Is That Really A Thing?

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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It’s officially August, aka the height of ice cream season. Now, I didn’t really think that required much thought or effort other than driving to Dairy Queen whenever it gets really hot outside. But apparently there are people in this world who aren’t content with DQ or even with stocking their freezer with Turkey Hill or Edy’s. I’m talking about people who want to make their own ice cream. (Why these people don’t work for an ice cream company, I have no idea).

How do I know these people exist? Because I read the reviews on this Cuisinart ice cream maker. This is the very first clause in the very first review: “When I was recently in the market for an ice cream maker”… The first sentence of the second review has been in and out of the ice cream maker market for a while: “This is my second ‘ice cream maker’ purchase (first one lost in the divorce)”…

So people buy ice cream makers. That’s been established. If you are one of those people, you might as well consider this one, since it is currently half off. Yes, that means you can save almost $120 and also obtain a machine that makes you ice cream.

Normally $250, this ice cream maker is 49 percent off today (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $250, this ice cream maker is 47 percent off today (Photo via Amazon)

Cuisinart ICE-70 Electronic Ice Cream Maker, Brushed Chrome on sale for $132.99

As you can probably tell, I still don’t totally get the whole home ice cream maker thing. But this product is made by Cuisinart, a very trustworthy kitchen brand. And it will give you 2-quarts of ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato or sorbet. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, then go for it.

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