J.K. Rowling Apologizes For Falsely Saying Trump Ignored A Disabled Boy

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J.K. Rowling has apologized “unreservedly” after receiving criticism for mischaracterizing Donald Trump’s interaction with a disabled boy in a series of tweets last week.

REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

The “Harry Potter” author called Trump a “monster of narcissism” and claimed he deliberately ignored a young boy in a wheelchair as he met with “victims of Obamacare” ahead of a press conference on July 24.

Rowling fired off the series of tweets after seeing an edited clip of the encounter but, had she watched the full clip, she would have seen the president greet the three-year-old boy named Monty.

After “multiple sources” criticized the author for her tweets, including Monty’s mother, Rowling apologized for her comments, Fox News reports.

“I very clearly projected my own sensitivities around the issue of disabled people being overlooked or ignored onto the images I saw and if that caused any distress to that boy or his family, I apologise unreservedly,” Rowling tweeted on Monday.

The British author deleted the original tweets in which she criticized Trump for his interaction with the young boy.