This Kitchen Gizmo Will Replace Your Colanders

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Is your colander a strain to use? Are washing extra dishes because you made pasta a strain on your free time? Do you need a faster way to strain your meal so you can watch Strain-ger Things? Okay, I’m done now.

While my puns may be corny, this strainer is no joke.

The Snap’n Strain by Kitchen Gizmo has all the convenience of a colander but is faster to use and is easier to clean. Simply snap this strainer directly onto a pot or pan and strain the liquid. The strainer fits cookware of nearly all sizes. It can strain anything from boiling water to oils and fats.

Simply clip the strainer to your pot and it's ready to use (Photo via Amazon)

Simply clip the strainer to your pot and it’s ready to use (Photo via Amazon)

The Original Snap’n Strain by Kitchen Gizmo for $12.99

The Snap’n Strain is significantly smaller than a traditional strainer, thus saving you cleaning time and storage space. Its silicone make-up is FDA-approved, heat-resistant, and dish-washer safe.

This colander replacement is a #1 bestseller on Amazon and gets 4.5 review stars! One reviewer said:

This is the best gadget ever. I was a bit skeptical but decided to give it a try. It was always a hassle digging out the big colander to drain things from my pots, but no more. This nifty little gadget easily clips onto the edge of the pan (any size) and quickly and easily drains the liquid.The clean up is so much quicker than with using a large colander. My kids were so impressed they have all asked for one! – Marbid3, 5 stars

If you’re ready to replace your clunky colanders with this nifty gadget, go check it out!

You can even strain oils with the Snap'n Strain (Photo via Amazon)

You can even strain oils with the Snap’n Strain (Photo via Amazon)

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