LaVar Ball Now Claiming He Was A Better Tight End Than The Gronk

(photo: Reuters Pictures)

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LaVar Ball is now making claims that he was a better tight end than Rob Gronkowski, who is probably the most talented tight end in the NFL right now. Gronkowski has won two super bowls with the New England Patriots. Ball claimed that Gronkowski “could not hang with him”. The Gronk has played on seven Pro Bowl and All Pro teams so far in his career.

Gronkowski has caught for 457 passes and 78 touchdowns, that is no easy feat. LaVar Ball played one year of college football and had a short career NFL career before being going to the London Monarchs of the WLAF (World League of American Football) according to an article by

Again, just like his claims that he could beat Michael Jordan one-on-one, the stats are not even remotely comparable. At this point LaVar just wants to continue to stay in the spotlight for as long as he can and I can only imagine what the Gronk was thinking when he heard these comments.