Liberal Writer Questions Whether White Men Should Be Allowed To Vote

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Affinity magazine recently published a piece questioning whether or not white men should be allowed to vote.

Maria Rolt, a self-described “hardcore feminist, #BLM supporter and LGBTQ+ rights advocate,” wrote a doozy of a piece about how much white men suck, and it’s hard to even know where to begin.

She wrote in part:

Now, history lessons aside; many people who disagree so far might be thinking, “Yes, all this injustice that happened in the past was undoubtedly awful. However, two wrongs don’t make a right.” However one can’t be sure if withdrawing the white man’s vote could be considered a “wrong”. Furthermore, the point here that has to be made is that banning white men from voting temporarily will help them understand systemic injustice and help them become better, more empathetic allies to the social justice cause. In contexts like these, identity politics can be helpful, empowering and contributing to an important learning experience. White men who want to become better allies always come across the problem of “I will never understand what it feels like to be systemically oppressed” but this proposal may further their understanding of minority needs and improve relations between different genders and races, which is the ultimate goal; equality. 

This article is filled with so much stupidity. Assuming it’s to be taken seriously, it’s hard for me to comprehend. Her logic is pretty simple to understand: Group A did a bad thing to group B, so now the exact same thing should happen to group A.

Civilizations advance, and are supposed to learn from their mistakes. Was it wrong that there were periods of times in America when poor and non-land owning whites, minorities and women couldn’t vote? Of course it was, and we shouldn’t be eager to return to those days.

However, allow me to deploy her dumb argument to a few other subjects so she can perhaps understand the stupidity behind it. Jeffrey Dahmer killed and ate members of people’s families. Should people now go kill his family members and eat them so that he can learn to be more “helpful, empowering and contributing to an important learning experience?”

Yes, I understand Dahmer is dead. It’s just an example.

Why not just take it a step further and really up the ante. Why just stop them from voting? We have plenty of prisons in America. Perhaps we should just lock up white Americans and if we run out of space, we will just build more prisons. It doubles as a jobs program for minorities. It’s a win-win.

Some who disagree with me might say that taking away their voting rights is enough. I beg to differ. Some white men own firearms, and might not take kindly to being stripped of their rights as an American.

As we all know white men are highly unstable. It’d just be better to lock them up and throw away the key. Perhaps we even execute the landowners. Because if there is anything worse than a white man, it’s a white man with money. They will have to be eliminated for the good of society.

The great hypocrisy here is that she pretends this is such a morally righteous stance that must be done. Can you imagine the outrage if somebody was dumb enough to suggest banning blacks or Latinos from voting? There would be definite hell to pay.

I guess as a privileged white man in America I just don’t understand how much I have personally screwed up this country.

This has been revealed as a hoax, and they were dumb enough to publish it anyways. Yes, I bought it too initially. Props to myself for admitting my error.

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