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More Proof That Huma Abedin Sent Classified Information Via A Non-Secure Email Account

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Most people don’t care about Hillary Clinton’s emails anymore, because they figure she lost the election and that should be punishment enough. But I always thought that in America, laws apply to everybody. No matter who they are. Naive, right?

Todd Shepherd, Washington Examiner:

New emails from former Hillary Clinton adviser Huma Abedin, released by Judicial Watch, show more examples of Abedin using a non-secure account and server to transmit classified information.

According to a statement released by Judicial Watch, the new release shows there were a total of 530 emails that were not a part of the batch Hillary Clinton turned over to the State Department that she claimed represented all her emails from the Clinton.com account maintained by an unsecure, private server.

A number of the emails released today by Judicial Watch show emails that were or have been marked classified that were forwarded to Abedin’s account.

Well, Hillary certainly didn’t know anything about it. Remember?

It seems pretty unlikely that Hillary would lie about something this important.

You’re on your own, Huma. Good luck!