Podesta: I Lose Sleep ‘Every Night’ Over Losing Electoral College To Trump

(Youtube screen shot / Free Beacon)

Justin Caruso Contributor
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In an interview on CNN Wednesday, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign chair John Podesta revealed that he’s still losing sleep over losing to Donald Trump.

When asked by CNN’s Alisyn Camerota about President Trump continuing to bring up Hillary Clinton, despite already beating her in the presidential race, Podesta said, “It’s unprecedented. You never saw that behavior from any other president who’s talking about the person they beat.”

“I think it really just bugs the hell out of him that she got three million more votes than he did and he keeps coming back to that,” he added.

Podesta then revealed, “obviously we bear the burden of having lost the Electoral College, so I lose sleep about that every night.”

We may soon learn more about why the Clinton team thought they lost.

Hillary Clinton’s new book, “What Happened,” is due out on September 12th and will reportedly be “cautionary tale” about Russia’ interference.

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