Skip Bayless Thinks Most White People Support Colin Kaepernick – He’s Dead Wrong

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Fox Sports pundit Skip Bayless came off the top rope to make the insane claim most white people support Colin Kaepernick.

The former ESPN host shot off his hot take during the Tuesday episode of his new show, “Undisputed,” when he said: “Most white people deep they down know [Colin Kaepernick] is right. Deep down they know Colin Kaepernick stood for something he should have stood for, and that he had national impact that needed to be had at that moment.”

First, Bayless is wrong from a statistical standpoint. One poll conducted during the NFL season revealed that around 70 percent of white people didn’t agree with Kaepernick’s decision to not stand for the national anthem. I’m not a mathematician, but I’m pretty confident when I say that 70 percent is a strong majority for the anti-Kaepernick camp.

Secondly, what is Bayless thinking? Kaepernick’s career is over because he represents a cancer to any NFL owner who signs him. Fan bases will riot if he puts on their uniform. I have a strong feeling that Dallas Cowboys fans won’t take kindly to a man on the sidelines — because he obviously won’t be starting — who openly disrespected America and everything this country represents.

Or how about Miami? The Dolphins have plenty of Cuban-American fans. I doubt they’re going to welcome with open arms a man who praised deceased Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. It turns out athletes who praise oppression and dictators have a hard time finding a job. I can’t understand for the life of me why that would ever be the case.

This has nothing to do with race, but Bayless and his cohost Shannon Sharpe seem hellbent on making sure race is the focus. The former “First Take” host also seems to be trying to imply that if you’re a good white person who is accepting then you know Kaepernick is right.

I’m white and I can’t stand Kaepernick, and if any white player takes a knee during the anthem or compares cops to pigs and slave catchers, then I will write a column about how dumb they are a too. I’m an equal opportunist when it comes to calling out stupidity.

I also understand the fact that Bayless’ show is not doing well. Perhaps this is just a ploy for ratings, and we all know Bayless has never been above saying ridiculous things to garner attention.

Part of me hopes Kaepernick does get signed and stashed somewhere on a bench just so we don’t have to hear this garbage anymore. Of course, he better not be backing up a white quarterback because then we will all have to hear the “Would Kaepernick be starting if he wasn’t black?” narrative all season long.

Actions have consequences. He chose to not stand for the national anthem, and now he’s reaping what he sowed. It’s not rocket science.

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