WaPo Journo Sneers: Trump Admin Is Taking Up ‘The Cause Of Oppressed White People’

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Justin Caruso Contributor
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In response to claims that the Justice Department may be looking into colleges for discrimination against white applicants, the Washington Post published an article full of snarky comments toward the Trump administration and “oppressed white people.”

An article titled “The Trump administration takes up the cause of oppressed white people” by writer Paul Waldman accuses Donald Trump of running “an explicitly white nationalist campaign that used racial resentment as its engine.”

He writes, “To many people reading this, the idea that white people are being discriminated against in higher education — or anywhere else — is absurd. The idea that discrimination against whites is such a significant problem that it demands Justice Department action is positively ludicrous.” (RELATED: DOJ Source Shuts Down NYT Affirmative Action Story)

Waldman also writes of the supposed “Republican project to convince white voters that minorities in general and African Americans in particular enjoy a panoply of free benefits from the government that make their lives comfortable and easy.”

He strongly claims, “It’s a lie, but it’s extraordinarily widespread.”

Waldman also wags his finger at Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and Breitbart News, accusing them of spreading “white racial grievance.”

The blogger’s sneering aside, it seems that the New York Times story about the DOJ looking into affirmative action might not even be true.

The Daily Caller broke news Wednesday that the DOJ isn’t necessarily looking into discrimination against white students, and that there has yet to be any policy change from the department.