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Afternoon Mirror: Breitbart ‘London’ Bureau Chief Inflates Ego, Claims Site Is Not ‘Far Right’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“If you are among the 5% of women with a favorable opinion of the Mooch, I’d like to hear from you.”

The Daily Beast‘s Sam Stein.















Reporter makes this depressing observation during White House press briefing 

“Somehow I think tomorrow’s @WhiteHouse Briefing will be OFF camera.” — Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts on Wednesday.

My coworker wonders if CNN’s Jim Acosta is really a teenage girl 

From foamy margaritas to slew of selfies, this hot take from David Hookstead could make him cry.

BRIEFING BRAWL: Tense convo breaks out between CNN’s Jim Acosta and WH aide Stephen Miller

“@acosta whose father is from Cuba, with pointed debate with Stephen Miller over meaning of Statue of Liberty’s ‘huddled masses’ symbolism.” — WaPo‘s David Nakamura.

“Lord. @Acosta just cannot shut up, can he?” — Andrea Ruth, senior contributor Red State.

“I turned off the television.” — The New Republic‘s senior editor Brian Beutler.

“Once again @Acosta does his best to make the WH Presser with Stephen Miller ALL ABOUT HIM… #It’sAllAboutMe.” — Melissa Francis.

“Doesn’t Stephen Miller look like he’s having a grand old time?” — Celeste Katz, senior political correspondent, MIC.

“I wonder if it would help if all Trump spokesmen were as smart as Stephen Miller.” — Conservative commentator Ann Coulter.

“Who could’ve guessed the White House briefing would be more bombastic AFTER Mooch was gone?” — The Daily Caller‘s Christian Datoc.

“Frank and Pickle’s Excellent Adventure” — Olivia Nuzzi.

CNN’s Jake Tapper gets out ahead of bitchy Twitter followers 

“New followers: I regularly tweet out opinion pieces from L R and Center for folks to read and consider — and I’m not going to stop. Thanks.” — Jake Tapper, host, CNN’s “The Lead.”

Journo Love 

“@ChrisCuomo is one of the best interviewers on TV. He’s so well-prepared.” — Yashar Ali, HuffPost, NYMag.

Breitbart News‘s “London” Bureau Chief thinks he’s a really big deal 

I’m talking about Raheem Kassam, who lives in Washington.

On Wednesday he went apoplectic after The Mirror apparently poked the beast that is Raheem by saying Breitbart News is a far right-wing site. I’d expect nothing less from a conceited person like Kassam.

The reaction came after I reported that he refused to go on the BBC after the network described Breitbart News as “far right.” If Raheem had self-awareness or a basic working knowledge about media, he’d know that’s true. Raheem released a text exchange with a BBC producer that showed him brashly turning the BBC down. Because that’s what tough guys do — right? They release text exchanges with TV producers declining to go on their shows.

He wrote my coworker Eric Owens saying, “Fascinating that @DailyCaller staff are calling me ‘far right’. I thought they were supposed to be conservatives?”

Raheem sent me a nastygram: “Honey… you write about *ME*… now pay attention to everything I say or do, like a good little grunt.”

The far right wing journalism then called me “rotund,” which means he a) doesn’t have eyes b) has no ability to look at a picture and comprehend it or c) is just really wishing it was true.

Watch out Guilfoyle: Kathy Griffin may be moving in on your boy toy 

James Carville sounds sad

“Won’t kid you. This has been a very, very tough time for my party.” — Democratic strategist and pundit James Carville on MSNBC this week.

WaPo Reporter mocks Veep for saying WH is not in chaos

“@VP tells @AshleyRParker that the White House is not in chaos: ‘I think it is a finely tuned machine.'” — MSNBC’s Katie Hunt.

“Apparently this finely tuned machine serves Kool Aid.” — Aaron Blake, WaPo.

Evergreen Quote Of The Year

“Curious, when did reporters start thinking they were supposed to be the story?” — Michelle Ray, editor, IJR.

The Statue of Liberty: Reinvented in Trump’s image

“Everyone knows the Statue of Liberty would be much better if it were made of gold, and if its inscription came from THE ART OF THE DEAL.” — Alexander Nazaryan, Newsweek.

“Kelly is ‘ensuring Trump doesn’t make his decisions based on some bullshit he watched at midnight or on Breitbart.'” — Eric Geller, cybersecurity reporter, Politico. He links to this piece by his colleague, White House reporter Josh Dawsey.

Sydney Elaine Leathers chooses ‘slut stuff’ over political chatter  

“If the Dems only plan is to tell people to suck it up &vote for whoever their shitty candidate is then we’re prob getting President Kid Rock. Throughout her career Kamala has done great damage to the sex work community. I can’t support that. ANYWAY, done w/politics for now. Back to slut-stuff. Booking Skype shows. Regulars can email. New clients text me.” — Sydney Elaine Leathers, porn star, former sexting party to ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.).

Charles Johnson‘s GotNews and Breitbart News are called ‘ information of dubious quality’

Via Politico. “Kelly is ‘ensuring Trump doesn’t make his decisions based on some bullshit he watched at midnight or on Breitbart.'” — Eric Geller, cybersecurity reporter, Politico, tweeting his coworker Josh Dawsey‘s story.

“He has been given information of dubious quality, from stories by, a blog written by a right-wing provocateur named Chuck Johnson to segments of debunked documentaries. He has, at times, listened to real estate friends about legislative strategy while ignoring Speaker Paul Ryan or Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.”

“By limiting information, and making it go through proper channels, Kelly is ‘ensuring Trump doesn’t make his decisions based on some bullshit he watched at midnight or on Breitbart,’ said Chris Whipple, who recently wrote a book on the chief-of-staff role.”