‘Armed And Dangerous’ Fancypants College Professor Menaces Chicago After Brutal Murder

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A Chicago judge has issued an arrest warrant charging a Northwestern University professor with first-degree murder after a 26-year-old man was found brutally stabbed to death in the professor’s apartment.

The Northwester professor is Feinberg School of Medicine microbiologist Wyndham Lathem, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Chicago police officers discovered the body of the victim, Trenton H. James Cornell-Duranleau, inside a 10th-floor apartment unit in the “sophisticated and timeless” Grand Plaza Chicago River North Apartments last Thursday night.

Cornell-Duranleau was dead inside the Grand Plaza apartment unit when police arrived. A subsequent medical examination showed that Cornell-Duranleau died after suffering multiple sharp force lacerations.

The judge who issued the warrant for Lathem also issued a warrant for another man, 56-year-old Andrew Warren, in connection with the same crime. Warren is a senior treasury assistant at Somerville College Oxford in England.

A police radio broadcast warned that police consider Lathem and Warren “armed and dangerous,” according to the Tribune.

Public records show that Lathem, 42, lists the apartment unit where Cornell-Duranleau was found as his residence.

Police responded to the unit after a janitor received an anonymous tip about a crime inside the apartment unit.

Prior to going on the lam, Lathem was a faculty researcher in the microbiology-immunology on Northwestern’s campus in Chicago.

Cornell-Duranleau was a cosmetologist. He moved to Chicago from Michigan.

A spokesman for Northwestern told the Tribune that the school has issued an order preventing Lathem from entering any of Northwestern’s campuses.

Northwestern officials have deleted Lathem’s faculty profile.

Northwestern officials have also deleted Lathem’s name from an “LGBT OutList” curated by the Feinberg School of Medicine’s office of diversity and inclusion.

An archived version of the “LGBT OutList” from earlier this summer lists Lathem’s name.

A letter to residents from management at the Grand Plaza Apartments indicates that police are “exploring a variety of motives, including a possible domestic incident,” according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

As of Wednesday night, Chicago police have reported no arrests in the alleged homicide.

A year of tuition — alone — at the Feinberg School of Medicine costs about $55,000. School officials estimate that the total cost of a year at the school with fees and various living expenses adds up to around $85,000.

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