Bruce Willis’ New Film ‘Death Wish’ Is Going To Have A Massive Body Count

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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The first trailer for Bruce Willis’ upcoming film “Death Wish” was released Thursday, and it’s awesome.

The plot of the film according to IMDB is, “A mild-mannered father is transformed into a killing machine after his family is torn apart by a violent act.”

The trailer is reminiscent of the film “Law Abiding Citizen” in the fact Willis’ character appears only to be focused on killing as many bad people as he can.

It’s a safe bet to assume the body count in this film will by nice and high, judging from the awesome two-minute trailer.


Revenge and vigilante justice have been themes in American entertainment as long as this great country has existed. It’s the reason we always cheer for the rogue cowboy handing out justice himself than the bad guys or the incompetent police.

This film seems to embody that vision and sentiment. Give a man on the search for justice a gun, and then get out of his way. It’s the oldest story ever told, and I can’t wait to see Willis take a few bad guys down along the way.

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