Christian McCaffrey Is Missing Out On ‘Game Of Thrones’ This Season

(Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

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Christian McCaffrey, the star running back out of Stanford University and now rookie for the Carolina Panthers, is a “Game Of Thrones” fan, along with most people in America. This should come as no surprise.

McCaffrey was recently talking to the media after a day at camp with the Carolina Panthers. The reporter asked him if he watched “Game Of Thrones” and he answered that he was a fan of the show according to yahoo.com. He then admitted that he was not caught with the current season airing on HBO.

The reason for his not being caught up might come as a surprise to some with his busy schedule, considering he is now a rookie in the NFL. According to Mcaffrey, he was not caught up with the show because he was locked out of his parents HBO account.

Remember, this is McCaffrey’s first real job, and he hasn’t even been out of college for a whole year. He still has a bit of adjusting to do.