Is This The Instagram Account Of A Teenage Girl Or CNN’s Jim Acosta?

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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CNN’s Jim Acosta is in the news after a feisty exchange with the White House’s Stephen Miller over immigration, and it led us to do a little research.

Acosta was looking for a show when he pressed Miller on the White House’s new immigration directives, but little did we know the real show would end up being on Acosta’s Instagram page.

At first glance I thought there was some mistake. Was I on a parody account or the account of a young teenage girl? Unfortunately for Jim Acosta’s manhood, it was his real account. Lets take a look at some of the most pathetic posts.

1. Dog ears selfie filter

Don’t judge.

A post shared by Jim Acosta (@jimacosta) on

Jesus Christ, what self-respecting man in America would even consider taking that photo, let alone posting it on social media. He captioned the photo, “Don’t Judge.”

Well, I’ve got some bad news Jimmy. I’m judging you super hard, and it’s not good. Put down the damn camera and never do that again. Unless a woman is snapping this photo to you while nude or you’re under the age of 12, there is NEVER an excuse for anybody to use this filter.

This picture is a little suspect.

2. Sadly predicting Trump would lose

Bye bye two days to go.

A post shared by Jim Acosta (@jimacosta) on

Damn, that caption, “Bye bye two days to go,” doesn’t look so hot these days, especially given the fact CNN is getting roasted daily by Trump’s administration. That’s also probably the first truck Acosta and his cosmopolitan life experience have ever seen in real life. Sad!

3. The pathetic attempt at self-humor

After today I could use a cosmopolitan.

A post shared by Jim Acosta (@jimacosta) on

Hey Jimmyboy, you just got your ass kicked on national television, you got called out for your cosmopolitan elitist views, and you suck at humor. Take your ass-kicking like a man and throw yourself to the mercy of the people. Don’t get on social media with passive aggressive posts. You are becoming the 12-year-old girl sulking in the corner of the room because some guy won’t dance with you.

4. Professing his love of foamy margaritas

Post debate pomegranate margarita at China Poblano. Yes please.

A post shared by Jim Acosta (@jimacosta) on

If there’s one thing I learned from Kenny Powers, it’s that you don’t want to be known as a “smoothie drinking fairy.”

If you’re going drink that pathetic excuse for an adult beverage then I suggest you do it alone in a closet where nobody can see you embarrassing yourself. Otherwise, grab some liquor or an American beer.

5. Dude is obsessed with selfies

Pondering all of the post election possibilities

A post shared by Jim Acosta (@jimacosta) on

On board the Trump press plane for the last ride back to NYC. Looks like someone beat me to nap time.

A post shared by Jim Acosta (@jimacosta) on

A post shared by Jim Acosta (@jimacosta) on

A post shared by Jim Acosta (@jimacosta) on

Men who take selfies are not to be trusted. There are so many red flags that start flying when a man snaps a selfie, and there are a billion more red flags that go up when those photos hit social media.

Does this dude have any pride at all? Just an ounce? One molecule of pride in his manhood? Be a man and put your damn camera down, you beta-male journalist.

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