Michael Moore, Joy Behar Agree Electoral College Needs ‘To Go’ Because Of Trump

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Michael Moore and Joy Behar said the electoral college needs “to go” because Donald Trump won the 2016 election.

“Like you pointed out in your show last night, the electoral college is something the Democrats have not been able to get,” Behar explained to the 63-year-old filmmaker during his appearance Thursday on “The View.” (RELATED: Fight Breaks Out On ‘The View’ Over Comey Testimony)


“It’s the second time in 16 years, the first with [Al] Gore, that we win and then we lose,” Moore exclaimed. “How does this happen? You know?”

“They steal it, that’s why,” Behar interjected.

“The Democrats have won the popular vote in six of the last seven presidential elections,” the filmmaker said. “The Republicans have only won the popular vote once since 1988. The country we live in actually agrees with the Democrats on the issues: women should be paid the same as men, there is climate change, there should be a minimum wage, basic things.”

“That’s the good news of the country we live in,” he added. “But we have this archaic thing that’s got to go, the electoral college. “

“They are never going to get it go, because it helps them,” Behar explained.

Moore then said that using the electoral college was how Trump “outsmart[ed]” the Democrats.

“I mean it’s hard to say this, but he did outsmart us, ” Moore responded. “He was smart enough to go to Detroit…he was smart enough to figure out how to convince 53 percent of white women to vote for him after the Billy Bush.”