White House Aide Thinks Trump’s Tweets Key To Getting China To Stop North Korea

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A White House aide believes that President Donald Trump’s tweets are going to get China to step up pressure on North Korea, according to a Thursday interview.

Trump has expressed disappointment over China’s inaction on Twitter, and according to White House Deputy Assistant to the President Dr. Sebastian Gorka, the president’s tweets are the key to getting China to put increased pressure on the North Korean regime.

“What card left do you have to get China to act?” Fox News’ Bill Hemmer asked.

“We have the president’s Twitter feed,” Gorka responded.

The Trump administration has been pinning its hopes on a resolution to the growing crisis on the Korean Peninsula on China, North Korea’s largest benefactor, but so far, China has yet to deter the North Korean regime from testing increasingly-powerful weaponry. North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile last Friday that expert observers assess could strike American cities across the country, escalating the threat to the American people.

It is unlikely that Trump’s tweets are going to persuade the Chinese to act.

Many Chinese officials already think that Trump tweets too much for his own good. “Trump has a strong personality, and he likes tweeting,” a Xinhua News Agency commentary explained, “but emotional venting cannot guide policy to a resolution of the nuclear issue on the peninsula.”

“Engaging in ‘Twitter diplomacy’ is ill-advised,” the state-run outlet wrote in January. “It is common sense that foreign policy is not child’s play, and even less is it like doing business deals. Twitter should not become an instrument of foreign policy.”

China’s strategic interests in Korea are different from those of the U.S., and that leaves China unwilling to act on America’s behalf.

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