WNBA Teams To Be In Video Game So Fans Can Ignore Them Like In Real Life

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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WNBA teams and players will be featured in the upcoming edition of NBA Live 18.

The news was announced Thursday in a hilarious promo video. I hate to criticize professional athletes playing a sport they love, but I can’t take this situation seriously. The video is so serious it’s drop dead funny.


There seem to be a few inaccuracies, but as one of my coworkers pointed out, the biggest inaccuracy seems to be the fact there are fans in the stands. We all now that’s a fantasy world.

More importantly, why would you ever want to play with LeBron James and do cool dunks when instead, you can play with a WNBA player that does awesome layups, bounce passes and jump balls.

Whenever I’m watching the dunk contest I always imagine how much cooler it would be if it were 5’8″ doing layups.

The saddest part of this whole stunt is we all know there is zero chance you’ll be able to play the WNBA teams against NBA teams. That would be so much fun. Imagine how much you could bet your buddy to play as the worst NBA team and you can be the WNBA champions. What type of odds would he give you on the WNBA team winning? 10,000/1? 25,000/1?

Well, we all know how this story is going to end. The same group of guys will buy the game, keep playing with their favorite NBA teams and continue to pretend the WNBA doesn’t exist, which, as we all know, it shouldn’t.

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