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Daily Vaper: UD Bellus RTA Tank Review

YouTube screenshot/RiP Trippers

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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UD’s Bellus RTA is 22mm in diameter and holds a whopping 5ml of liquid. The most unique aspect of this tank is the adjustable airflow. It has an adjustable air ring that has 32 air holes, 16 on each side. It has a direct blow coils mechanism that should produce extreme vaper production. The new side air hole design is supposed to make sure it never leaks. It comes with everything you need to attach it to your vape mod.

The video review displays the proper build of the Bellus RTA and it’s options to match your vaping preferences. The reviewer says the flavor and vapor are great and the airflow makes a nice smooth vape. He does mention right away that when he first fills the tank up with liquid and turns the airflow, it leaks just a little. But then as he vapes, it completely goes away. Which is a bit of a letdown because it’s marketed to never leak. But if it closed at the bottom, you will never have leakage issues. On a positive note you never get a dry hit with this RTA. The build quality is very good, from threading to the overall feel of it. He does recommend the Bellus RTA if you are able to build in smaller spaces.

UD Bellus Atomizer — $37.90

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