People Who Spoil ‘Game Of Thrones’ Should Get The Death Penalty

Emilia Clarke (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube GameOfThrones)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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If you are the type of terrible person who likes spoiling “Game of Thrones,” you deserve the death penalty.

Some will say this is an overreaction, but it’s not. The type of people who spoil this incredible HBO show do so because they think it’s funny, and they like taking away the joy from those of us who enjoy it every Sunday night.

Recently, there were leaks of an upcoming script and the whole fourth episode of season seven. Some on social networks have speculated that these hacks came from a foreign country. If that’s true, then it’s a damn declaration of war.

I want those countries and cities brought to their knees Daenerys circa-season 3 style. Unleash hell on those countries if they helped with these hacks.

If it was an individual within the United States I want the most elite team the CIA and FBI can field to hunt down the individual. Once we have captured this evil individuals, we should parade them through the streets as if they were Cersei Lannister and after a kangaroo court trial they shall be executed.

This is a fight for freedom and happiness. There is no cost we are unwilling to pay, and there is no fight that we will not engage in if it means we can end spoilers and leaks.

This isn’t a fight for a show on HBO. This is a fight for our very souls. We can draw a line in the sand, and win this fight or our televisions viewing experiences will be ruined forever. It’s time to pick a side and get into the fight.

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