Houston Nutt To Settle If Ole Miss Apologizes

(Photo by Dave Martin/Getty Images)

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Houston Nutt, the former head coach of the Ole Miss football team, has made an offer to settle the lawsuit he filed against the university last month if Ole Miss apologizes. Nutt wants the school to apologize for comments former head coach Hugh Freeze and current athletic director Ross Bjork made against him while talking “off-the-record” with reporters.

When Nutt left the program after having a few not-so-great football seasons, Hugh Freeze stepped in. Freeze was under contract not to speak about Houston Nutt, whether or not statements were true. Freeze was blaming Nutt for subjecting the school to many NCAA investigations, and despite the liability of this claim, it violated the contract Freeze signed not to say anything about Nutt.

After everything going on with Ole Miss right now, something tells me Houston is probably not the one at fault and Freeze was just trying to save his reputation. Soon after this happened, karma came and bit Freeze where it hurts.

Allegations were recently announced that Freeze called an escort service and resigned from his position as head coach. There is no way someone can save their reputation from this, yet Freeze attempted to do so by saying those phone calls were the result of a “butt-dial”. At this point, no one is going to believe what comes out of his mouth.

The only reason people are not having it with Nutt is because he had a few losing seasons, and people viewed Freeze as the hero because he came in and essentially saved the football program. No one knew what was going on behind the scenes, but hopefully people will now see things a little more clearly.