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Is Bill De Blasio Literally Napping On The Job?

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I used to think New York Mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr. Bill de Blasio was like Dopey from the Seven Dwarfs. But I got it all wrong. He’s really more like Sleepy!

Cheer up, New Yorkers. As you’re sitting for hours at a time in a crumbling, urine-scented subway station, your mayor is diligently studying the inside of his eyelids. Michael Gartland, NY Post:

Mayor de Blasio’s daily exercise routine at a Brooklyn gym often leaves him too tuckered out to stay awake at City Hall, where he catches up on his shut-eye by crashing on a couch in his office, sources told The Post.

Hizzoner regularly takes midday naps while everyone around him is busy at work, according to former aides with knowledge of the siestas…

Because the mayor rarely — if ever — ignores a visit from the sandman, his periodic unconsciousness played havoc on his staff’s ability to get things done, one former worker said.

“We couldn’t plan our days that first year at City Hall,” the source said. “Regardless of what you think of [previous Mayor Michael] Bloomberg, that guy was professional. Now, we’ve got this incompetence.”

New York might be “the city that never sleeps,” but somebody gets cranky if he doesn’t get his nite-nite time.

Reportedly, America’s favorite mayor is in the habit of rolling in at 10 in the morning and then getting right to work catching a nap. Nice gig if you can get it, huh?

It makes sense, though. Being that awesome must be exhausting.

Sleep tight, Mr. Mayor. You got this!