Laura Ingraham Smacks Down Mark Green [VIDEO]

Amber Athey | White House Correspondent

Laura Ingraham went head-to-head with Mark Green in a Monday night debate about President Donald Trump’s first 200 days.

“Great adjectives, we’ve got a list of all your adjectives,” Ingraham said, mocking Green, a New York City public advocate. “[Trump] is Hitler, Mussolini … ”

“The intellectuals on the coast, they know better than millions of people in the electoral states that ended up mattering in the end,” she continued.  “Do they have any right to be upset with what’s happened to this country?”

“Pew research center did a survey … they asked the people around the world — would you trust Trump or Obama who’s out of office,” Green said, trying to take back the argument. “64 percent trusted Obama … we are a laughingstock.”

Ingraham shot right back, asking Green if the Democrats had any plan or messaging for 2018.

“So, we’ve established in your view Trump’s the worst … Mark, pipe down for minute,” Ingraham said, clearly annoyed, “Okay, what next for you? What next for you and the Democrat Party — what do you have to offer those middle class voters?”

Ingraham continued to press, alleging that Green had no good solutions for the Democrat Party.


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