Media Exhibits Severe Bias Against Google Memo [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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MSNBC and CNN can’t hide their bias against an internal Google memo that argued the gender gap in tech can be partially explained by women’s choices.

The engineer who wrote the memo says that there are innate biological differences between women and men that cause women to pick different career paths, meaning the gender pay and representation gap in tech jobs cannot be explained entirely by sexism. Google fired the engineer for penning the memo.

MSNBC and CNN failed to present the memo objectively, allowing their hosts and chyrons to describe the memo as “sexist,” “anti-diversity,” and “anti-women,” while misleadingly arguing that the memo says women are “not biologically suited for tech jobs.”

“The tech industry has been battling allegations of discrimination and sexual harassment for a long time and now a stunning, disturbing story about what a male engineer at Google wrote about jobs he apparently thinks women are not suited to do,” CNN host Poppy Harlow snarked Monday. “Why? Biology.”

Monday night, MSNBC asked a Democratic strategist to describe the Google story for their viewers, giving her the perfect opportunity to cry sexism.

“The Google manifesto that came out with a Google employee saying women are inferior and that’s why there are not as many women software engineers,” Tara Dowdell declared.

“We’re not trying to cherrypick from [the memo] but he essentially is saying that there shouldn’t be this big effort underway to make sure that the workplace is diverse because women and men just don’t have the same set of skills,” MSNBC’s Katy Tur said mockingly Monday afternoon.

A CNN reporter similarly introduced the story by claiming the Google engineer was “slamming his female coworkers” in the memo.


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