CNN, MSNBC Fearmongering On North Korea Threat [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN and MSNBC are ratcheting up the fear of a North Korean nuclear attack, touring viewers through bomb shelters and arguing it’s their “job” to scare people.

CNN brought viewers to an underground bunker in Hawaii at least twice Tuesday night, explaining that it takes 20 minutes for a strike from North Korea to hit Hawaii, leaving citizens with just 15 minutes to shelter in the bunkers.

“The reason why this place is so important is this is where the warning to all of the Hawaiian islands will come from,” said CNN correspondent Sara Sidner, reporting from the bunker.

During host Don Lemon’s show, CNN illustrated the size and damage capability of North Korea’s nuclear weapons through animation.

“It would likely have the force of the bombs that were dropped on Japan by the United States 72 years ago this week,” explained Tom Foreman.

MSNBC’s Brian Williams asserted to viewers Tuesday night that it is his job to scare them.

“Our job tonight is actually to scare people to death on this subject,” Williams argued. “So the talk isn’t as free as it is on a preemptive or surgical strike.”


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