Hannity Urges Retirement For ‘Weak, Spineless’ McConnell

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David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Sean Hannity has had it with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Early Wednesday morning the Fox News host lambasted the Republican Senator from Kentucky.

“YOU are a WEAK, SPINELESS leader who does not keep his word and you need to Retire [sic],” Hannity lobbed at McConnell.

Hannity linked to an ABC News story in which McConnell suggested that President Donald Trump had “excessive expectations” about the Republican-controlled Senate successfully advancing the president’s agenda.

McConnell, who failed to corral enough Republican votes in the Senate repeal Obamacare, told reporters last Saturday that he would consider “some kind of bipartisan approach” in the Senate to confront the escalating health care crisis. He added that he wants to continue subsidizing health care insurance companies with tax-payer dollars, despite POTUS’ repeated warnings that he wants to end these “bailouts.”

Hannity promised Tuesday to to cease any “petty political agreements” for at least 12 hours in view of the increasingly dangerous comments and actions from North Korea.

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