Illegals Are Using New York Country Road To Walk Across Canadian Border

David Krayden Ottawa Bureau Chief
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Thousands of illegals continue to walk directly across the New York-Quebec border every week, AP reports.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police who are waiting to arrest them have ordered electricity for the site and are offering portable outhouses to the so-called “asylum seekers” who are flooding into Canada on the pretext that President Donald Trump’s immigration policies may have them deported from the U.S.

They are s using an abandoned country route named Roxam Road that ends long before it hits the Canada-U.S. border. The illegals just proceed and ignore the “no pedestrian” signs that are posted.

After raising their arms and “surrendering” to the Mounties, the illegals are sent to a nearby refugee processing center at the small town of Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle that is run by the Canadian Border Services Agency. The town is about 30 miles south of sanctuary city Montreal, where most of the illegals are shipped to the largely unused Olympic Stadium.

The majority of the illegal refugees are from Haiti and are trying to link-up with the large Haitian population in Montreal. But now they are coming from all over the U.S., apparently learning about the remote border crossing over social media.

“In Trump’s country, they want to put us back to our country,” Lena Gunja, a Congolese 10-year-old girl told the Associated Press. Until she made the trip to the border, she had been living in Portland, Maine.

“So we don’t want that to happen to us, so we want a good life for us. My mother, she wants a good life for us.”

Canada’s official opposition Conservatives are fed-up with the refugee lawlessness. In a statement sent to The Daily Caller, Conservative immigration critic Michelle Rempel asked why the government has failed to insist on legal immigration.

“We have known since the beginning of the year that this problem was only going to get worse during the summer months, yet the Liberals have no plan to address the dramatic increase in border crossings. This abdication of responsibility will further backlog our systems at a time when the Immigration and Refugee Board is already reporting eleven year wait times for refugee hearings and is experiencing an alarming shortage of immigration judges,” she said.

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